2023-11-16 / See you in 24

We had a last beautiful show in Ravensburg, the place where we had to finish our initial releasetour in 20 due to the lockdown. So the 'The waves Are Rising, Dear! - Tour' comes to an end, but we'll be back in 24 for some further concerts and beautiful plans for 25: Hildegard will turn 20 years old! 

Thanks so much to all the wonderful listeners, who came to our concerts, we appreciated the time with you so much.

Have an eye out on our other musical endeavours and support your local artists anywhere!

Sending all our best wishes, your HILDEGARD

2022-11-23 / two Last shows of 2022

We're excited to get back to Germany for the last two concerts of this year: Tollhaus Karlsruhe is on Nov 24th and the already sold out show at Unterfahrt Munich is on Nov 25th. Have a great christmas time and see you hopefully soon!

2022-3-17 / UPCOMING 'The Big WIg'-Shows

After a very special evening in the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, finally playing our long-awaited concert at this marvellous place, we'll soon be picking up our ochestra-piece 'The Big Wig' again. Shows will be on April 2nd in Winterthur and April 28th in Reutlingen and we're happy to play this music again with two great orchestras.

See upcoming shows.


We're happy to finally present you our video 'Symptoms, Causes And Treatments', the  marvelous work of Nicole Pfister & Viviane Lang.

2021-8-13 / BACK ON STAGE

We're back to what we love the most: playing music in front of people and enjoying these moments together. So come out to one of our upcoming shows, we're looking forward to meet somewhere!

2021-3-8 / Live-Stream FRom moods zurich

We're spending three days working at the wonderful Moods in Zurich and stream a concert tuesday evening March 9th at 20.30. Be there virtually!

2020-5-14 / Jazzfestival Schaffhausen Livestream

The Jazzfestival Schaffhausen will take place online and our concert will be streamed live next saturday may 16th at 21.15 here: live.jazzfestival.ch
Join us for this special experience and thank you to the festival-crew for this beautiful opportunity!

2020-4-29 / New dates

We're happy to announce many new dates. Our booking-agency Karsten Jahnke was working hard to move as many concerts as possible. Thanks so much for your efforts.

And: Our concert at the Jazzfestival Schaffhausen will be streamed here: live.jazzfestival.ch

We hope you are doing fine through these challenging times and wish you best health. Stay safe and keep distance, but don't forget to stay close in the possible ways.

2020-3-13 / Dear friends

Due to the corona-crisis, we sadly have to cancel our complete march-dates. we keep you informed as soon as we know more details about new dates for concerts and further cancellations.

we're looking so much forward to be playing again for you, when it's time to go out again and celebrate music.

TAKE CARE of yourself and the people around you AND STAY HEALTHY!

2020-3-11 / Tour starts today

Today we start our tour through Germany and Switzerland. We're looking so much forward to meet you somewhere and play this new music for you!

2020-2-28 / The Waves Are Rising, Dear!

We're thrilled and happy to announce today's release of our new album 'The Waves Are Rising, Dear!' on ACT Music. It's available as LP, CD, download or on the streaming-platform of your choice.
More than a year of writing, rehearsing, recording and mixing goes into it. A million notes played combinded with a lot of sweat and laughter!
Thank you so much to all the people involved, making this happen. See you soon on the road!

Get the album here
Stream the album here


2020-01-28 / New album coming soon, stay tuned!

Videos by Dyle Berger silenceissecret.com

2019-11-02 / Upcoming album and tour

We're very excited to announce the release of Hildegard Lernt Fliegen's upcoming album 'The Waves Are Rising, Dear!' for February 2020. And yes, there will be many concerts in so many beautiful places. Get your tickets here and we'll meet soon in your city.

2019-06-21 / Recordings at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg

We entered the legendary Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg with our engineers Martin Ruch and Christoph Utzinger and spent a week recording our upcoming album. Stay tuned for the release and come by, when Hildegard is about to hit the road again in 2020.
Tickets for the releaseshow at Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg are avilable here.

Picture by Dyle Berger

2019-05-21 / Albumreleaseconcert Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Tickets on sale

So happy to announce next year's albumreleaseconcert at the amazing Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. Tickets are available here!

2018-07-15 / After touring South Africa, before the creative break

After an impressive and eventful tour in South Africa we'll be playing two more show close to our homes before we take a creative break. This following year we'll be working on our new album, so stay tuned!

18.7.2018 Stimmen Festival Lörrach
24.8.2018 Chaesi Gysenstein


2017-10-24 / The Big Wig - On stage again

We're approaching the next beautiful chapter with 'The Big Wig'. Looking very much forward to these shows with the Lucerne Festival Alumni Orchestra. Get your tickets now and fly with us.

21.11.17 Elbphilharmonie Hamburg - Sold out!
24.11.17 Philarmonie Essen - Few Tickets left
25.11.17 KKL Lucerne
26.11.17 Dampfzentrale Berne - Few Tickets left

2017-04-24 / The Big Wig - Live

We're very excited to share the stage with the Lucerne Festival Alumni Orchestra and the wonderful conductor Mariano Chiaccharini for two concerts. On May 5 at the Jazzfestival Basel Off Beat and on May 10 at the Jazzfestival Schaffhausen.

Soon after that, we'll perform The Big Wig in Potsdam on May 19 with the Babelsberg Filmorchestra. But The Big Wig has a lot more to travel: Lugano, Jena, Essen and many other beautiful places will follow.

Make 70 out of six, see you soon at one of the concerts!

2017-01-01 / The Big Wig - New album and concertfilm

One and a half years ago, Andreas Schaerer started to compose the Symphony „The Big Wig“. Now, 18 month later, the music has been premiered, recorded, filmed and mixed in tender and loving care and now it is finally available as CD, DVD and Vinyl.

It was a huge lot of work, but it was worth it. January 13 2017 „The Big Wig“ will be released on ACT Music. We proudly present:


And here this wonderful piece can be ordered!



2016-01-27 / Spring 2016

Hildegard is on the road again, have a look at our upcoming dates.
And right here, a very fresh interview with Andreas Schaerer in the Suddeutsche Zeitung. Thoughts on music and beyond. See you hopefully soon!

2015-09-23 / Celebrating 10 years of Hildegard Lernt Fliegen - Tour 2015 

2015-09-06 / The Big Wig - Hildegard meets the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra

A night to remember for Hildegard! Many thanks to everyone involved and to the great audience, which made this an unforgettable experience.

Thousand thanks to Conductor Mariano Chiaccharini, the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra and all staff- and crewmembers of the Lucerne Festival. We're overwhelmed!

2015-08-21 / The Big Wig

Taking off to a new adventure:
Hildegard Lernt Fliegen meets The Lucerne Academy Orchestra at this year's Lucerne Festival.

Andreas Schaerer has been composing brandnew music for Hildegard and a Symphonyorchestra and puts 3 pieces of the band into a completely new light.

'The Big Wig' premieres on the 5th of Septembre at the Lucerne Festival. We're looking forward very much to this experience!

2015-05-19 / Echo Jazz Award - Singer of the year international

Proud Hildegard! Our singer Andreas Schaerer wins the Echo Jazz Award 'Singer of the year international' 2015 with the Hildegard Lernt Fliegen-Album 'The Fundamental Rhythm Of Unpolished Brains'.

2015-02-19 / Nomination Echo Jazz 2015

Great news: Hildegard Lernt Fliegen and Andreas Schaerer are nominated for the German Echo Jazz 2015 in the categories 'Ensemble of the year international' und 'Singer of the year international'.

We're very happy to be honoured like that and look very much forward to the result!

2015-01-06 / Happy New Year

January will take us to Vienna, Zurich and Valence and we're looking forward to this new year with many hours of musical flights and the upcoming 10-years-jubilee of Hildegard! 
We wish you all the best for the new year and look forward to see you somewhere at a show.

At the end of 2014 we were allowed to land on the Best Of-List of The New York City Jazz Record. Thanks!

2014-12-14 / DVD-Release

Hildegard proudly presents: Live In Goettingen! OUT NOW!
A concert-DVD including the full show at Jazzfestival Goettingen 2013 and two videoclips. Hildegard at its best in your living-room! Get the DVD here.


2014-10-12 / Tour in France

Finally it is here: No, not this summer's end, but Hildegard's tour in France! 

Colmar, Paris, Lyon and Perpignan will be visited and we are are happy to announce that special guests Vincent Peirani and Serena Fisseau will visit us on stage in Paris!

We're really happy to be on the road again and hopefully the audience feels the same. Here are some new reviews which point in that direction!

2014-09-09 / DVD - Live in Goettingen

In October we'll release our Live-DVD from Goettingen. Uncut, 100% Hildegard, the document of an extraordinary evening in a cooking hall.
As an appetizer:


2014-05-15 / Videoclip Don Clemenza

We're happy to present you our brandnew videoclip to the song Don Clemenza. Directed by Maria Sigrist.


2014-02-04 / BMW World Jazz Award

We're so happy about winning the 1st price and even the audience's price at the BMW World Jazz Award 2014! What an honour, unbelievable!

2014-04-17 / Reviews and Tour

The first reviews on our new album have arrived! Your own opinion on the album is very welcome, PM us on facebook!

From the 22nd of April we'll tour Germany again, hope to see you onboard.

2014-03-24 / Release, BMW World Jazz Award and upcoming Tour

For sure there's something going on at the moment in Hildegard's world, since our new album 'The Fundamental Rhythm Of Unpolished Brains' will be released March 28th as CD and LP on Enja/Yellowbird!

And we just received the news, that we'll be playing the finals of the BMW World Jazz Award on May 3rd in Munich. Looking forward to this event a lot!

Our tour kicks off in Jena this Wednesday and the concert at the Philharmonie Essen on March 27th is sold out already. For the other concerts there are still tickets, here's the link to the dates.

Looking forward to meet you somewhere on the road!

2014-02-24 / We made it

Many thanks to all our supporters! We finished our campaign on wemakeit.ch successfully and now start the work for the new videoclip 'Don Clemenza'! Stay tuned...

2014-02-17 / New live Clip and 6 days to go for www.wemakeit.ch

Have a look at our new live clip from 'Don Clemenza' and support the video for this song!!
Check out the project here!



2014-01-24 / Crowdfunding for our new Videoclip

January 25th our crowdfunding-campaign on www.wemakeit.ch is starting.
We're collecting for our upcoming video of the song Don Clemenza, which for we'll team up with great filmmaker Maria Sigrist again.
You support us by already ordering a copy of our upcoming album 'The Fundamental Rhythm Of Unpolished Brains' or with a higher amount. In return you'll get one of our beautiful goodies.
Check out the project here!

Thanks for your support and interest!

2013-12-25 / Thanks

We had a wonderful 2013 with countless concerts in 8 countries and in all these places we met great new people. Thanks to all the organizers, technicians, listeners, musicians, photographers, CD-buyers and of course our booking agent Alex for the great support, we are thankful for all these encounters.

The new record will be released in march, we will travel again and play many concerts and look very much forward to it!

Merry Christmas to all of you and all the best for the coming year! Yours truly, Hildegard.

2013-11-18 / In the studio

Hildegard is in the studio. We checked into the Hardstudios in Winterthur, Switzerland and are about to record our new album with the great engineer Andy Neresheimer. Andreas Schaerer carries a bunch of brandnew and surprising pieces with him. A full blast of hildegardesque music waits for your open ears!

Our fourth album will be released in March 2014 on Enja Records/Yellowbird and an extensive releasetour will follow. See you soon!

2013-11-05 / BMW World Jazz Award

Good news: We're happy to announce that we'll be part of the BMW World Jazz Award 2014!
We'll play on the 9th of March in Munich and we'll surely do our best to honour the slogan 'Sense of Humour'.

2013-10-27 / Uberjazz Festival Hamburg

''The discovery of the festival.'' Happy to read these words in the review!

The show at Uberjazz Festival was really exciting and we had a marvellous musical flight with an absolutely packed and cooking hall. Thanks to all who came out to the show on that great evening.

2013-10-15 / Tour and Production

Our current Tour is still in full swing and at the same time we're in the middle of preparing our new record. In November we'll be in the studio, we'll keep you updated, stay tuned!

2013-09-16 / Niedersachsen - Lower Saxony

After so many wonderful concerts in Lower Saxony one thing is for sure: Hildegard has found a new home here. And a factory for shoelasts is not your everyday concertvenue, isn't it?
A great place to be, see you soon!


Rimze Khala Rimze live in Tallinn:


2013-07-09 / Booking France

We're happy and proud to announce our new Bookingcollaboration in France with 'Les Productions du Vendredi'. Looking forward to work with Matthieu Cardon and his team!

2013-06-13 / Russia

Tomorrow we'll travel to Russia to play shows in Moscow and Perm. It's great to be back after two years! 

2013-05-15 / After the tour

Hildegard not only works on her flying skills, but also tours very comfortably with the bus, the train or the airplane, which also flies, but still she wants to be able to fly by herself!

However, we didn't only spend the last four weeks with a lot of travelling, but mostly also with playing concerts. That's why we want to thank our dear audiences for all the reactions, during and after the shows. Meeting so many open ears and attentive minds is just fantastic and we really appreciate it!

See you soon!


Hildegard Lernt Fliegen in China:


2013-04-17 / On the road

Yesterday we started our tour in a nicely packed venue in Bielefeld and we're looking forward to the following shows!
Hildegard will even get to know the estonian breakfast-TV, there's a lot to be seen for us. That's how it's supposed to be, best regard from the road!

2013-03-19 / Tour in April and May

After many beautiful gigs in Switzerland and Germany we'll be back on the road through parts of Europe with new destinations such as Estonia and Finland on the tour schedule.

The concert in Kempten is already sold out! So grab tickets now and hopefully we meet somewhere, we're looking forward...

New reviews to be seen here, including some italian ones from Chiasso, Hildegard parla italiano!

2012-11-18 / And here's what Hildegard looks like with a serious lightshow, live in Shanghai:

2012-11-13 / Reviews London Jazz Festival

Here are two reviews from our show at the London Jazz Festival and some impressions on youtube.
Jazz breaking news from Jazzwise Magazine and a review in pictures

2012-11-09 / London Jazz Festival

After a great stint in China we are back in Europe and looking forward to playing at the London Jazz Festival in two of the top London clubs in one night - Pizza Express Jazz Club and Ronnie Scott's. Including a Live-Broadcast on BBC Radio 3, Jazz on 3.

In Shanghai, picture by Stefan Aeby:

2012-10-18 / Just arrived in China

We just arrived in Shanghai yesterday and look forward to play the first gig in Hangzhou this evening. Here's an interview with Andreas about our appearance on Sunday at the JZ Festival in Shanghai. Check it out here.

2012-09-25 / China

Our 'Flying-Into-Autumn-Tour is running very nicely, with beautiful venues and audiences with big ears. Next we'll be playing in China! See you hopefully soon, with plenty of new stories...

2012-08-27 / Jazzfestival Willisau

The Concert at the Jazzfestival Willisau was an amazing highlight for the band! Big thanks to the whole crew and the great audience. Hope to see you soon at another show!

2012-06-07 / From Willisau to Shanghai, Festivals 2012

This summer and autumn we have festivals und clubs somewhere between Switzerland and China on the menu. Festivals in Bezau, Angers, Willisau, St. Wendel, Freiburg, Shanghai, London, Strasbourg...

Here you can find all current dates. Come to the shows and spread the word!

2012-05-05 / New Booking-Agency

We are very happy to announce the brandnew booking-collaboration with F-Cat Productions!

2012-04-22 / Showcase at Jazzahead Bremen

We had a great time at the Jazzahead in Bremen. If you liked the showcase, feel free to contact us here! to be continued....

2012-04-04 / Show in Stans sold out!

The concert at the Stanser Musiktage the April 16th is sold out. Thank you, dear audience, it's going to be a lovely evening! Further shows here, come fly with us!

2012-03-21 / Welcome to our new website

Check out our freshly released mutimedia-package 'Cinema Hildegard' including Michelle Brun's film 'Tales Wander' and the CD 'Live In Moscow'!
Or be welcome at one of our shows in France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The trailer:

Find us on